Suburban Bowls Club Inc is a non-profit organisation run by 100% enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers. We are always on the lookout for members who are willing to share their skills, knowledge and passion to help us be the best that we can be!
If you would like to gain a sense of achievement, make lasting memories with positive connections; then why not consider volunteering at your club? There are numerous areas of club operations that need your help including assistance with functions, behind the bar, the bowls shop, coaching and umpiring. We would love to see you get involved.

Patron: Betty Wroe

Management Committee
President: Graham Fudge
Vice President: Wanda Goodwin
Secretary: David Crichton
Treasurer: Wendy Jones
Green Director: David Whiting
Providor: Tommy Lee
Ladies Advisory Chair: Cherie Kirby
Men’s Advisory Chair: Rick Evans

Men’s Advisory Committee
Chair: Rick Evans
Deputy Chair: Vic Clough
Secretary: David Crichton
Games Director: Ian Crichton
Selectors: Ian Crichton, Ron Jepson, Rick Evans, Vic Clough, Graham Fudge

Ladies Advisory Committee
Chair: Cherie Kirby
Deputy Chair: Lorraine Duve
Secretary: Robyn Whiting
Games Director: Wendy Jones
Selectors: Corinne Dibnah, Karen Emery, Robyn Engert, Wendy Jones, Lee Shears